Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vermont Vibes on Summer Hiatus

I am taking my own advice to consolidate and prioritize and in doing so need to shift my energy to other areas right now. I am going to take some time away from my Vermont public relations business this summer and enjoy traveling in Vermont and elsewhere. I will also be updating my website to be more effective in streamlining all of the social media tools I use and in doing so will be getting up and running with mobile devices so I can reconvene the Vermont Vibes Blog with more frequent, quicker posts really showing interesting tidbits, landscapes, and explorations around Vermont. I have some really big news to announce officially in the fall in regards to Vermont Vibing and exploration and in doing so will reintroduce the Vermont Vibes Blog.

Thanks you all for your interest and please subscribe to the RSS feed so you can be quickly updated in the fall when Vermont Vibes reach a whole new level!! You can also connect with my business on Facebook: and follow me on Twitter: