Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slacking on the Skiing

Actually, I haven't been - I have been slacking in the photo taking department. Or rather, Mitch has been, but since he is a volunteer, I will take full responsibility.

Mitch and I have been making full use of our Sugarbush season's passes. In fact, next time pays for them which pretty much rocks since it's still January and Sugarbush is known for their late season kick-ass spring skiing. They're sneaky like that.

Our latest ski adventure started in Swanton of all places where we wined and dined with friends hosted by the lovely Melissa of Bee Well Massage. We spent the night and awoke to gorgeous views of Lake Champlain and buzzed on down to Sugarbush (after our pre-ski stretches of course). I love Sugarbush for many reasons, one being even on a busy weekend, the lines are never very long. Considering we've spent much of the season over at Lincoln Peak, we opted for Mt. Ellen this time where the ratio of Vermonters to tourists is typically more in our favor. Don't get me wrong - I am a fan of tourists and what they do for our economy, heck, I even work in the Vermont tourism industry! However, sometimes I feel their vibes aren't always up to par.

Regardless, the day was gorgeous and we had a fantastic time skiing. We left a bit early Saturday to help our good friends by distributing copies of The Healthy Hippie Magazine to The Warren Store and Sweet Pea Natural Foods Market - if you live down there go check it out or subscribe by going to www.healthyhippie.net. This is the magazine I write the Vermont Vibes column in - based on this blog!

Afterwards we even went out for dinner and beers at one of my personal favorites, The Hyde Away Inn & Restaurant. I had the delicious meatloaf - YUM!!! Mitch had a burger because that's how he rolls! And the beer - oh, Vermont beer - I love you. I drank Trout River and Mitch rolled with the Magic Hat.

And the next day, we went skiing all over again!!! Well, Mitch snowboards, but again, that is how he rolls. Sigh.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Snowshoeing at Little River

I love the opportunity to have a nature excursion in the woods when I can breathe and smell the air, close my eyes and imagine, and think clearly yet so scattered at the same time. This is what rejuvenates my spirit and perspective - in essence, my positive vibes. I had the chance not too long ago at Little River State Park in Waterbury.

Little River State Park has always been one of my favorites. I am inclined to think there is more magic at state parks a bit farther away from Chittenden County, like how people think "real Vermont" is away from Burlington. But, Little River is more real Vermont than any place, its history is deep, and rich, and hits me with a force of energy that awakens and renews me every time I visit. The area was settled long ago, but the conditions too harsh and the children abandoned the village as they grew older and it died. There is an old mill on the simply splendid Little River, many foundations, two cemeteries, and even a house that some angry ancestors wrote words to the state within. The history brochure really takes you into another place and the peace and honesty felt in the forest is awesome.

This visit I went snowshoeing. State Parks are free in the off season to park at the gate and trek in for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing, and hunting during the season. I hear they even allow camping and ask that you leave your license plate number at the main office. I took a two and a half hour trek around the resevior roads and through the camping area of the park. I even found the sites for my next group excursion will be this summer. Here are a few disposable camera views of my perfect day!

I even found Mitch and I's dreamhouse, just before the park, but apparently, it just sold - maybe it will be on the market in a few years...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vibing Products

There is a new store doing neat things in the Blue Mall in South Burlington. It's called Candles and Creations. You may have read their recent Burlington Free Press article or seen them on WCAX (or you can check them at those links). Or you may have just heard that there are two artistic, caring, and dynamic women who opened a store this fall selling and making (in the store) their candles and jewelry, giving back to the community and supporting charities, and selling products of other Vermont artisan women.

I love this store for the strength of the women behind it, their commitment to humanity, and the opportunity they are giving other Vermont artisan women. I also love it because it provides quite the collection of Vibing products. Cool jewelry to wear while your visiting Vermont favorites, special candles to light when you are relaxing before or after a Vibe adventure, groovy bags to bring your Vibing supplies with you, notecards to send positive Vibes to others by mail, nifty calendars to mark your Vibing plans on, journals to express your Vibes in when Vibing, and literature, workshops, and overall store ambiance to help you reach your own personal potential through embracing your spirit and the positive vibrations your energy can create. Yeah, I am all about this store!

Heather and Casey, creators extraordinaire, can be found in their Blue Mall store off Dorset Street, on their just-being-developed website - http://candlesandcreations.net, and on their product websites: Heather's candle company is called Dragonfly Gifts of Vermont - www.dragonflygiftsvt.com and Casey's jewelry venture is called CW Creations - www.cwcreationsvt.com.

Stop by because it feels good in there!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Positive Vibes in 2008

Many who know me well - from both the past and present - I think would all agree on one characteristic - I can be crazy! I agree, this is true. And, I think most would also agree, not crazy in a bad way, but in a fun and good way.

A few comments I have heard over the past include:
"You help me be brave to do things I would not otherwise do."
"You are one of the realest people I know and I need your advice on..."
"You really helped me look at this in a way I never would have."
"When I want to have a good time doing something, you are one of the first people that comes to mind." and
"You should be on a reality TV show."

These types of comments give examples as to what my life mission is - to help people think and act out of the box to better themselves and the people around them for whatever they may need at the time. This is how I give positive vibes to others and one of the main reasons I enjoy bouncing around Vermont, touching the lives of those I am with and those I meet along the way. And for 2008, I plan to do this even more, because it is my purpose, my destiny, and my strife.

In other words, it is how I roll. Watch out for the Vibe - you may never be the same again...