Friday, November 21, 2008

Vermont Vibes Winter Gear Up

It is cold and I love it! Every season (except fall) is my favorite season. And when winter comes, it is no exception. I love the cold air, bundling up, breathing hard. Winter to me is just so clean and being out in Charlotte is going to allow me to enjoy every beautiful little bit of it this year - and I will! Winter has also turned the concept of Vermont Vibes into its own belly flop. What I mean by this is before The Mitch and I moved to Charlotte, vibing was a way to get out of town, meet new people, experience new things, and do what is not done. But in the winter we vibed much less and went straight to the mountain to ski and ride.

Enter MitchaRachia is created and the Farmhouse Comes Alive! The warm weather is no longer spent running away from town to get into the woods and small towns. The spring, summer, and early fall was spent right here on our farm, growing the most gorgeous and tasty veggies I have ever grown or eaten, harvesting those veggies, and then putting them up for the long Vermont winter. When we weren't growing, weeding, or cooking we were gallivanting around Charlotte enjoying our new home and our new town. As much as I loved it, I was also sometimes sad that I wasn't vibing as I used to and sharing the good word of the Vibe with all of you Vermont Vibes fans.

In creeps winter in Charlotte and the stupid economy. And, in creeps the fact that we live on 500 acres of farmland and woods - a lot of the open space being on hills. Catch my drift? Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and making our own downhill trails and jumps! So this year we didn't buy ski passes and our winter weekends aren't committed to one ski area - leaving more options to hang with friends and more options to ski or not to ski - woo-hee! Which leads to WAAAYYYYY more opportunities for WINTER VIBING!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started this past weekend! On our way back from a sneaky birthday trek to New Hampshire which surprised The Mitch out of his newly-learned-how-to-wear scarf, we went - you guessed it - VIBING!!!

We went to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) and checked out the birds of prey. I fell in love with the gorgeous snowy owl which I swear was a stunt double in Harry Potter and The Mitch stared in awe at the bald eagle (I think the bald eagle was staring at his scarf). For those who don't know, VINS is seriously one of the coolest places I have ever been. They care for injured birds of prey and raptors in huge habitat cages that all differ based on the bird's natural habitat. These birds can never live outside of captivity again because of damage done to them so it's not like creating a zoo for the heck of it (of course I am anti that concept). Back in the day, before I owned my own Vermont public relations business, the Woodstock Inn & Resort used to be a client. As area attractions are what makes a travel story, I got to hang quite a bit at places like VINS (which is in Quechee, next to Woodstock). It was really cool being able to go back - and on a day when no on was there (I love that so many people do not understand that wearing five layers is fun - leaves more of everything for those of us who do).

After we gawked at, talked to (well, I did), and chatted with another fellow enjoying the birds, we took the nature walk behind the huge cages where two of my most favorite natural habitats are - vernal pools and wetlands!!! It was so neat seeing them in their off season and of course I took some pictures to share!

So Vibers - if you have the chance - go to VINS (!!!!! It's very close off the 89/91 exits by White River Junction and you don't need to spend a ton of time there to enjoy and appreciate. There is some inside stuff as well that The Mitch and I had fun with too - hey - we like to warm up also!

Love and Light Vibers and get out there! I am off for another weekend of Vibing - contra dancing, holiday bazaars, artisan fairs, venison dinners, local music, and the annual Friendsgiving Celebration with my peeps!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recipe for Wellness

1 whole person
1 cup of conviction
1 3/4 cup of values
1 tablespoon of class
1 tablespoon of courage
12 ounce bag of beliefs
a pinch of salt

Take yourself and hold true with your conviction, never lose sight of your values, balance your courage with class, mix up your beliefs, and keep it real with a dash of saltiness.

I am applying this to my life for my own wellness right now. People, work, life, and yes - even friends can be demanding. Sometimes people lose sight that what is wellness to some is not wellness to others. I often say no to activities and invitations because I need to keep my own wellness and sanity in check - the pressures of peer pressure do not diminish as you get older. No one should take it personally when someone says no and should never make someone else feel bad because they are taking care of themselves - which can mean saying no to you!!!!!

To really respect your and others' vibes, you need to look at why people make the decisions they do and to respect those decisions, because they are theirs to make. (Unless of course it is meant to do harm, but that is not what I am talking about here.) Recipes for wellness will differ with the flavor of the person mixing and not everyone likes the same recipes.

So friends and loved ones - please do not take offense when you are not number one - that does nothing but add to the pressure of time and the stress of wellness.

Love and Light.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Thanks

I am thankful that I am able to be proud of my country again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Freedom Enhanced

It's Election Day. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I already posted my commentary on the state of affairs on my Rachel Carter PR blog if anyone is interested in my business side of life.

So in keeping with putting politics and crap out of the way and simply embracing life, I am in the mood to offer my thanks...

Thank you sun for rising each day and the few opportunities I am able to catch it

Thank you Vermont for the lovely foliage this year

Thank you friends for being my amazing, amazing friends

Thank you garden for the fantastic harvest

Thank you kitties for being my sweet, sweet kitties

Thank you soulmate for being my loveliest love of all

Thank you all for my bountiful energy