Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vermont Campfire Toast

Due to popular demand, I am going to post some campfire meals - the first being a yummy breakfast:


~ a campfire with lots of hot coals
~ Tin Foil (lots)
~ Thick cut bread (homemade from a local farmers market is preferred)
~ Egg Beaters (so much easier camping than dealing with eggs and milk, but the localvore way is to get local eggs and milk)
~ Cream Cheese
~ Local berries (whatever is in season, the seasonal progression moves like this - strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries)
~ Vermont Maple Syrup
~ Cooking spray (always a good thing to carry in your "camp box")


~ Mold 6-8 sheets of tin foil into a pan of sorts to fit no more than two pieces of bread side by side
~ Cooking spray the tin foil
~ Batter the bread with Egg Beaters and lay down bread side by side (or just one per tin foil pan)
~ Spread a layer of cream cheese
~ Pour Vermont Maple Syrup over it
~ Lay out your selection of berries (may want to cut the strawberries)
~ Plop down a little more cream cheese if you'd like
~ Lay down the other battered piece of bread on top
~ Cover the whole thing with more Vermont maple Syrup
~ Fold the edges of the tin foil pan and make a cover with more tin foil that will seal in all the edges and then wrap the entire bundle with a few more pieces of tin foil
~ Toss is on the hot coals (some fire is ok) and cook about 20 minutes - flipping over as you wish

It will be messy and you'll need a spoon or fork, but it is yum!!!!! Enjoy and tell me how you make out!

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