Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jamaica, VERMONT -- Weeeeeeeeee!!!

I love Vermont and I love little hippie towns. Jamaica is soooooo one. Mitch and I trekked down a few weekends ago to Jamaica to spend a weekend at a backwoods camp belonging to some friends of my roommate in celebration of her birthday!! I never get to Southern Vermont as much as I like and this weekend reminded me why - it is such a long drive when you're exploring via-NON 91 - which is of course where the best Vermont exploring takes place!

Susan (my roommate)'s friends have this beautiful house at the end of this back road. But, the weekend extravaganza was not held there - it was up a logging road behind their house at their camp. (NOTE: For those of you who do not live in Vermont, a "camp" is anyone's second home - it ranges from a shack in the woods to a sprawling estate) Now, I was Vibeless this weekend as we knew before hand the camp was up a logging road and Mitch has a Jeep so of course we had to use it!!

I absolutely love meeting Vermonters of different ages and with different backgrounds from me. There's nothing more fabulous about Vermont than chatting with folks about why you love Vermont and creating bonds around that. This weekend got me all fired up to have either:
a.) a camp of my own on some plot of land where I can build a fort and just hang out in the woods
b.) a house in the woods where I can try to live off-the-grid and grow lots of my own food
This second option got me even more fired up to ask some planning questions of various Vermonters in weekend extravaganza attendance - like about having a pig to help make fabulous compost or about if you need a cock (male chicken) to make hens lay eggs (you do not).

This conversation started by Burlington, hippie, PR lady somehow got onto the discussion of Charlotte's Web (I think it was the pig thing) and hence my new favorite saying that I will be spreading across Vermont with my vibes - weeeeeeeeee!!!

Before I give it away, does anyone know why??? Please comment what "weeeeeeeee" is and if you are correct, your topic-of-choice will be an upcoming blog post!!!! (people already engaged in weeeeee-ing please don't give it away, but still comment)!

Mitch the photographer was Mitch the Jeep Driver this weekend, but I managed to get a fireside shot my myself and Mitch with the birthday girl and roommate!

and, no, I am not giving the finger, I am pointing at two of my faves!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for visiting Jamaica cause I love saying weeeeeeeeee!!!!
Weeeeeee Weeeeee Weeeee!!!

Julia said...

Wow Rachel, thanks for giving Jamaica the royal "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!". Wee need it.
We're the gals in the hot pink woodshed, Monsoon Vermont, goods made from garbage...anyway, again thanks for the positive vibe thing and for putting a new thought into my head-"weeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Somehow it works.
Julia and Tracy
Monsoon Vermont
Shameless Plug Bit: We also have an 8 bedroom ski lodge for winter rentals, Stratton Ski Lodge, right in the village. And we like dogs more than people.