Friday, October 12, 2007

Vibe Takes a Route 7 Toll

I am not sure if it was the mixed bag of feelings one gets after a weekend of their own "Meet the Parents" or the added energy of felines in the Vibe, but returning home from The Berkshires this weekend, the Vibe took a hit! No, not physically, but by the law - the Vibe got pulled over!!!

Ok, back track...Mitch and I headed to my home in the deep woods of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts to hang out with my parents. Not so much a meet the parents (Mitch has of course met them before), but as a help-the-soon-to-retire-parents-clean-out-the-stuff-that-they-are-nice-enough-to-still-be-storing-for you weekend. For me this meant Barbies, lots and lots of Barbie stuff that I haphazardly stored years ago in a mouse induced portion of the attic. So naturally this also meant lots of mouse poo cleaning - not really the first thing I would choose to help create positive vibes. While we were accompanied by my rather well-fed and spoiled cats, Fee and Tela, they were not so interested in mouse poo and even ignored the dead mouse we came across. They much preferred trying to make nests themselves in the mouse nests. Go figure.

Besides "chores," we enjoyed some great hiking near my house, stone wall and foundation exploration along the original carriage road that connected Boston to the Adirondacks, and catching up with some old high school friends and new spouses. Mitch even got a free golf lesson from my dad who rapidly anticipates his new life in The Villages - Florida's Friendliest Home Town - seriously - you've got to check this place out.

Anyway, in the sense of the Vermont Vibe adventures, we wanted to get out early on Sunday to enjoy a drive up Route 7 in the beautiful Vermont foliage, but the mouse poo held us back a bit. By the time we left, we only got to see the very southern portion of Route 7 in daylight (most of it being the funny transition from Massachusetts to Vermont - marble lion gates at the entrance of a trailer park?). We decided to skip the historic drive up 7A through Manchester and go directly on Route 7, which is precisely where I got pulled over for speeding. The pesky thing is I was going slow and was getting passed and decided I should step it up and not be an annoying leaf pepper! I am not one to play games with the law, and was polite and up front, and while the cop was nice, he still gave me a ticket and two points! I guess it didn't help that Fee hissed at him.

I seem depleted from my vibes as I write this solemn entry, but fear not my faithful Vibe fanatics - tomorrow brings a new weekend and have I got a great adventure planned out! Oh, I did want to add that we stopped in RutVegas for a quick bite at Ramuntos Sicilian Pizza - and the food is to die for - if you're down that way - have some real Italian food - yum!!!

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