Friday, May 16, 2008

Surreal Surroundings in Charlotte, Vermont

We live in the middle of high density moose territory. Yesterday Mitch and I walked through it all - someone even has a tent hidden in the brush for animal watching. Not sure who's it it, but I am going to sit in it and watch. After the rain...and after we finish this insane move. The clover patches weave in and out of soft marshes, grassy fields, large tree pockets, underbrush, and forests. It is amazing. I also saw a fisher cat one night and a bobcat ate one of my neighbors chickens. Fishers are scary and chickens are cute, but there is something raw out here in the farmland. Something primal and alive and real. I cannot express how much I love it and how this move is circling the completeness of my life. I am home in my wood nymph paradise. We have wetlands and marshlands right on our fields and roufous-sided towee's are making a nest outside of my office window. I must run off and finish the insanity of making this place my wood nymph paradise, but wanted to share some new pictures before I headed into town and out of the country (sigh).


seh said...

I love the new pics and news on the move - it's inspiring! Countdown to my own big move to the countryside has begun: just 2 and a half weeks left! I have the nervous anticipation of tying up lots of loose ends coupled with the excitement of settling into a new home with the one I love. Today I resigned from my company on a positive note with lots of well wishes for my future. Everything feels right. Thanks for the support, encouragement and inspiration! Can't wait to get up there for a visit!

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