Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Fest Vermont Vibes Field Trip!

The first ever Vermont Vibes field trip was fantastic! A car full of Vibers, bright sun, apples everywhere - what Vermont is all about! The Mitch and I were of course in the Vibe as were one of Mitch's best friends, The Chad; my good friend and original Viber, Tay; and a new friend, Brian, who was visiting other friends who had to work and at a rock concert the night prior to vibing approached me and said, "Can I go vibing?" How cool is that???

The Shaws start was a little hairy as I seemed to think there was a coffee/bagel type of place in there (NOT just nasty DD coffee). But all was well when we headed across the street to Maplefield's and got hooked up with all sorts of fuel.

Off to South Hero we went! Pretty much as soon as we got into the Islands I got very confused and thought I was at a Phish show or something - the line was horrible! I have been to the South Hero AppleFest several times before, and several years ago - before the PR hype got started. But, that's what PR can do and as I am a Vermont PR mama myself, cannot really complain.

So we waited in the lines and grooved to tunes in the Vibe. We parked and were on our way! As I took charge of the trusty camera, I made sure I had a complete photo blog to share as fall in Vermont is so much more fun to look at than to talk about! (even Wild To Mild River Rafting & Jeep Tours comments on the great photos on my blog as they recently listed the Vermont Vibes Blog as one of their chosen 8 Great Outdoor Blogs!)

Oh Happy Day!!


tay said...

look at my bra strap! i am such a slut. yay applefest! but next year we boycott.

Rachel Carter said...

next year you need to go to the tractor parade!