Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recipe for Wellness

1 whole person
1 cup of conviction
1 3/4 cup of values
1 tablespoon of class
1 tablespoon of courage
12 ounce bag of beliefs
a pinch of salt

Take yourself and hold true with your conviction, never lose sight of your values, balance your courage with class, mix up your beliefs, and keep it real with a dash of saltiness.

I am applying this to my life for my own wellness right now. People, work, life, and yes - even friends can be demanding. Sometimes people lose sight that what is wellness to some is not wellness to others. I often say no to activities and invitations because I need to keep my own wellness and sanity in check - the pressures of peer pressure do not diminish as you get older. No one should take it personally when someone says no and should never make someone else feel bad because they are taking care of themselves - which can mean saying no to you!!!!!

To really respect your and others' vibes, you need to look at why people make the decisions they do and to respect those decisions, because they are theirs to make. (Unless of course it is meant to do harm, but that is not what I am talking about here.) Recipes for wellness will differ with the flavor of the person mixing and not everyone likes the same recipes.

So friends and loved ones - please do not take offense when you are not number one - that does nothing but add to the pressure of time and the stress of wellness.

Love and Light.

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Anonymous said...

I completely understand and hold your sentiment to be very true. Wellness is key and ya know what? Sometimes you just gotta say NO!!! I should know, I say it all of the time...ha ha!!!! Much love and thanks for the good word, Peace, the Mitch!