Friday, February 6, 2009

The Gorgeous Charlotte, Vermont Winterside

The cool thing to do at the Charlotte Farmhouse is go snowshoeing. The Mitch and I knew this when we first discovered this magical property almost a year ago. Our best friend, Caitlin, and major Vibe enthusiast (she even vibes on her own even if it is in a Subaru) is also an avid snowshoer out at the farmhouse. And as my neighbor, more often than not, Caitlin and I take daily snowshoe treks through deer, moose, and bobcat country. The grooviest thing about snowshoeing out here is that we can walk on terrain that we cannot walk on any other time of year. And since this is swamp, marshland, and major vernal pool territory (woohoo - my favorite!!!), that means there is a lot of terrain to cover and explore by snowshoe.

I have been taking pictures on and off, although I forget more often than not. But that Caitlin, well, the other day she vibed off without me as I was in Burlington for meetings and took the best winter pictures I have seen thus far! So, to help the Vermont Vibes Blog transition back to vibing adventures and away from the exuberance of Phish for the time being, I thought I would share some of Caitlin's work:

These last few were taken at the Charlotte Town Beach, after Caitlin removed the snowshoes and went for a drive to engage in the beautiful sunset.

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caitlin said...

oooooooh deeeeeeep.
p.s. ahem, it's an audi, NOT the VT State Bird. :)