Wednesday, April 29, 2009

33 Year Old Bones: Shopping & Parties

I feel old. My bones feel like they're getting older. I can't bounce around like I used to. It takes me longer to recover from rocking out. I love that I have so many friends in different ages, but sometimes that makes me feel old. I think I really need more entrepreneur friends who are NOT looking for advice/help from my Vermont PR services.

Yes, the Vibe energy level is low and mostly because running a business really takes it all out of me and leaves little for anything else. I am really working on that.

Yesterday I went to a great conference and planned to do a major grocery shopping after, something which is usually a very irritating activity for me. Being that it's a year since The Mitch and I moved into the Charlotte Farmhouse and that we finished a gigantic spring cleaning last week, our shopping list of non-grocery items was quite high. So instead of distressingly rushing through the shop so I could race home and work, I took all afternoon. I went to five stores:

Cheese Traders was the first stop for the most discounted food items. Then Ace Hardware was paid a stop for some gardening supplies, a fan, and a new supply of energy efficient light bulbs. The Christmas Tree Shops was next - and I don't care if it's not "heady" to shop there. I love it and it always makes me feel good so tough noogies. I got all the supplies I need to re-freshen closets, cat litter area, and the areas where stinky mouse and bat poo filters in from the next door attic. I also restocked my candles and a few more gardening supplies. Then I made my way to Walmart (again, when I get slammed for thousands in self employment taxes, I can shop wherever I need to pay the bills), filtered through my coupons, and bought all of my personal/cleaning supplies. And finally I made my way to Shaws (with more coupons) for food, produce, and meat - and yes, I get all Wild Harvest meat until I get my act together and me a big hunk of local meat. I also shopped so extensively so we can be prepared for gardening and farmer's markets (we attend in Shelburne) where we focus on in season and local foods.

And while I look at my old bones, I also am thankful for my great friends and wanted to share some birthday pics from my dinner celebration at Koto - Japanese Steak House back in March - thanks for coming everyone!!!

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