Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Agro on my Agri

Oooohhh, I am mad. The Mitch is mad. I don't know if the cats are and I don't care - that's how mad I am!

So, The Mitch and I work our asses off in our garden. See? Here are two pictures from last year soon after we planted and then again in mid-summer.

We have turned that dirt, gotten out every rock, piece of clay, and root and put more love, hard work, and effort into that garden than many people that I know. NOT that it is a competition! I just want to set up the scale of the amount of work we have put into it. So much that we didn't really have a summer last year because of the never ending work. This summer we planned for more work time, more relaxing time, and well planned travel time.

And today we got to see that go to crap.

You see, we so smarty-pants sent in the ten bucks and soil sample to the UVM Extension Center for our soil report. It came back off the charts. Our PH is 7.4 and the organic matter and all levels are pushing excessive. We knew our soil was good, we also knew we needed to build up the soil levels again - the ground dips probably due to the large amounts of clay and rocks we have removed. So we took our soil report to a place in Hinesburg and patiently waited our turn to ask about what we should buy. We thought we would get compost, but wasn't sure if we should choose topsoil instead since our organic matter was already so high.

One of my biggest pet peeves is being treated like a kid who doesn't know what she's doing. And at this place that's how we were treated. Instead of having a serious conversation with us about what would be best for our garden, we were treated like little bouncy bounce bounces who, like, want to, like, have a garden because it's, like, so cool. We were even told we'd have to pay for delivery when we rolled in there with The Mitch's bad ass truck. Duh.

Regardless, we stupidly did not follow our instinct (which we would have for sure if we hadn't gotten that damn soil test) and instead of getting compost, spent a good penny on a yard of topsoil. Big mistake - BIG.

Now the just-last-week beautiful mound of dirt, excitingly awaiting the plants I purchased this weekend (on a very vibalicious vibe which I will have to talk about when I am not so agro), is a gross palette of clay. And impossible to work even with it being dry. Kiss so much of our hard work goodbye and hello more time having to work. Needless to say, I am pissed.

Sometimes I really have issues with getting older and losing my receding hotness, but other times (like right now) I look forward to being older so I can experience less situations like the one I just went through. As I have said for years - everybody judges.


mitch said...

I was AGRO!! I love that Garden! I put my blood, sweat, and tears into it and I can't stand that some jacked up mama sold us stuff you could literally make pots with........arrrrrrrrrgh!! Sorry for the extra tude but man that made me mad! I love your blog!!
The Mitch

Taraleigh said...

I am so sorry this happened:(

Rachel Carter said...

Fine - let's have a clay pot making party.