Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Addison Adventures Continued!

And I'm back! So, before The Mitch and I departed the Viskup's lakeside estate in Panton and departed for our Addison County farm adventures, we spent a glorious weekend in the Viskup's Lake Cabin overlooking Lake Champlain on the south side of the Basin Harbor Club. This idealistic property is also home to the Nature Cabin situated on its own lovely pond and the Estate Property, home to the Viskup's and also a newly available luxury rental with five bedrooms.

The Lake Cabin is located next to the Estate Property and is tucked amongst a collection of gorgeous pine trees, offering a serenity The Mitch and I relished in for the weekend. Complete with a state-of-the-art kitchen, The Mitch and I actually opted out of major cooking and instead brought easy-to-make food so we could basque in the relaxation of the weekend.

That Friday night we actually ventured over to the Estate Property for dinner with John and Julie Viskup which was not only delicious, but provided quite the enjoyable evening of conversation and kindred spirits between generations. We marveled at the amazing stonework John has created throughout the home - stones he actually brought across the lake himself over a series of years to make both the waterfront decor and that within the home. And this was before we learned of the tree farm escapades! I highly suggest anyone looking for a property to rent on Lake Champlain to check out

Saturday The Mitch and I awoke to a perfect day and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on the three season porch followed by a bike excursion compliments of the Viskup's bikes. Now, I am not much of a bike rider and actually enjoy mocking cyclists whom I always feel take up more of the road than needed, but now was my chance to be in the opposite seat. I have never felt more like a tourist in my own state than I did that day riding bikes down to Button Bay State Park. I am sure I had my share of passerby ridicule. But, it was a terrific experience and exploring Button Bay is always a treat!

The views of the lake were astounding and my favorite was seeing a few eggs distinctively placed on high ledges in the sun to bask in preparation for hatching. I have yet been able to determine what type of bird lays such eggs and welcome any feedback anyone has! Check out some pics...

Upon returning to the Lake Cabin, The Mitch and I enjoyed a picnic on the Viskup's private beach where The Mitch cast a few lines and tried his hand at early season fishing (he was just getting warmed up for a more recent Vermont Vibes adventure I can't wait to blog about!). Being that is was the first really warm day in late April, the bugs got the better of me and I retreated to the screened in porch for a nap followed by watching the sunset through the tall pines.

That evening we enjoyed a fire, checking out the complimentary satellite TV (which we don't have) and finally getting busy with the Legos we found in the cabin - I made a cabin and The Mitch made a helicopter!

Thank you John and Julie for spreading your positive Vermont Vibes to us and hope we did the same! This was a weekend very much cherished and much needed as a true break from our daily life. And once again, anyone looking for Vermont relaxation, a Lake Champlain vacation, or a retreat from the world - this is where to start -

Happy Vibing!

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