Friday, November 6, 2009

Those Pesky Vibe Depletions

I have them right now. My recent Facebook comment that I think it's amazing how differently people treat you based on whether someone speaks on your behalf in a negative or positive manner. I believe in positive, unfortunately jealousy tarnishes that ability in too many people. Sad. says it in a nutshell.

Friend drama sucks. Sometimes I wonder why I go out of my way to introduce people, and make sure I include people because that is one area that does not come back around to me in the circle of friends. It most certainly does in my business and I have to say, I love my work and I love the people I work with - clients, vendors, collaborators.

But I am sad and hurt. People shouldn't believe everything they hear and people shouldn't assume just because someone has a strong personality that they are automatically at fault. The people who cause drama among friends are the ones who you would least suspect. Does anyone else notice this or am I just losing it?

I think a lot of this is why I went into PR in the first place. Working with clients to tell what really is positive is a skill I love being able to share. Being upfront and honest is a quality I respect in others above all else and while that quality may be threatening to those who are not that way, I feel it is one of my strongest attributes. Guess I answered my own quandary - those who feel threatened create drama. If they were just honest with themselves and others they probably wouldn't feel threatened.


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