Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Julie & Julia in the Snow

Wow. I just watched that last night. I have been told by countless people that I needed to see that move - I LOVED IT! I knew I needed to see it and that fabulous The Mitch brought it home last night since we've had the Hannah Montana movie from Netflix sitting around the house WAY too long. He also made me homemade chicken pot pie which I am going to crave forever now.

Anyway, with a new year, I need to bring this blog back to its roots of Vermont Vibing which includes positive exploration and energy vibrations and also stay pertinent to the activities in my life which are living at the Charlotte Farmhouse and planning the MitchaRachia Wedding Extravaganza. I will keep my sometimes charged commentary to my PR Blog and steer away from complaining about personal relations which does take away from the positive nature of this blog. That said, I do ask everyone to keep in mind what a blog is - a public diary - and if there's something you want to discuss - by all means, leave a comment, drop me and email, or let's get together in person!

As for snow - how about it??? Yeah Vermont! Here's some photos I took during a snowshoe this Sunday at the Charlotte Farmhouse in the middle of the white blasts from the sky: