Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Deb Markowitz - She's Got the Vermont Vibe


I'll tell you why...

I am not political, although I do know how the world should be run :). But my energies have to be on my life purpose and mission: to help people think out of the box by being me (not being a politician). So I have to find other kindred spirits out there to support in a world where politics basically suck ass and an apathetic public whom I am just tapping my fingers along with for a nationwide coup. I think I would implode with irritation if I hadn't started my own business to make a difference where I actually can so I have to give it up to folks like Deb Markowitz with her optimism, integrity, and realness.

I don't give two flips about this view or that view and think political parties need to be abolished along with people who live off the system, overpopulation, and puffy faced old politicians who claim to love America but who hate Americans. Besides, this political fiasco we live in doesn't let anything get done anyway since checks and balances have turned into "let's just fight with each other until these stupid Americans actually step up and do something about this mess."

So why Deb Markowitz? Because:

~ When I worked at a marketing agency pretending to by a stereotypical PR chick and was working on a project Deb was involved in, she was so very nice to me and I will never forget someone's kindness even if I was too little and stereotypical to be remembered.
~ Every time she has spoken at an event, she has lingered and chatted with people about things regular people chat about and when annoying little PR chickies like me try to introduce themselves to her, she was nice - not acting like so many other prominent people have - oh, you know how they act.
~ When I started my business I found her office very, very, very easy to deal with and was immediately impressed.
~ When I heard her speak at an event this summer she told her story in an interesting, compelling, and funny manner which made me feel very good about some of the abrupt decisions I have made and actions I have taken.
~ Following that event, we left the parking lot together and she told me some of the best business woman advice I have received in a long time (and as a women who started her business at age 30, I need a LOT of advice) - don't flop around with lots of handbags and accessories - it makes you look scattered. And, no - she didn't tell me that, she was simply telling some funny stories of things she learned, but from that I made a concentrated effort to try to be less scattered with all of my crap. Flashbags gals - you need a Deb Markowitz for Governor Bag and I will buzz it all over the place! Deb's entire way of communicating is impressive and the type of story telling I strive for with my PR clients.
~ And lastly, Deb Markowitz actually called me on the phone, took the time to listen, chat, laugh, and not be pushy about money.

In Vermont, it is about community, truth, honesty, and being real. And I bet Deb Markowitz read Anne of Green Gables as a girl because she knows about being a kindred spirit - hey, maybe she'll comment on my post!

Deb - I have no money, but I have a voice and I am in!

Vermont Vibers - forget about politics - think about community and good people - www.debforvermont.com.

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