Friday, April 16, 2010

How MitchaRachia Celebrate Easter

Usually, Easter is celebrated by attending a decadent Vermont brunch and this year we narrowed down the options to The Village Porch in Rochester, J. Morgan's at Capitol Plaza in Montpelier, Norma's Restaurant at Topnotch Resort in Stowe, or G's Restaurant at The Sheraton in Burlington.

However, the gorgeous, sunny weather that blessed Vermont that weekend changed plans around a bit. We spent Saturday waterfall hunting - always a favorite Vermont Vibes activity. We visited the East Middlebury Gorge first and were amazed to find three college students jumping into the April 3rd in Vermont water. Ah, to be young - no, forget that! I was never one for cold water jumping at any age.

Then we vibed down to Texas Falls and the Falls of Lana only to learn they were stilled closed from flood damage a few years ago. The nerve! We did manage to walk a bit of the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail where I interpreted in a very "Anne" voice to the point that The Mitch actually ran away.

We did swing by the reliable Moss Glen Falls where we snapped a few pictures like everyone else, but as you can see, we captured some orbs!

Saturday night we finally made our way to the Bluebird Tavern and enjoyed a warm patio dinner with good friends and the live music of the Vermont goddess of song, Myra Flynn. The Bluebird Tavern was worth the wait and I have never seen such a groovy selection of drinks!

Sunday was a glorious Charlotte Farmhouse day. Being believers of metaphysics, energy, and nature, The Mitch and I do not celebrate Easter in a traditional sense, but I do enjoy the giving thanks to spring, bunnies, eggs, and daffodils. Especially since spring is the season of my existence! We relaxed, enjoyed our beautiful yard, and I made a spectacular dinner in our newly rearranged dining room. I cleared out the freezer of the remaining frozen veggies from last year's harvest, combined that with an eclectic mix of canned items still hanging out on the shelf and some Vermont ham and made a three course brunch of our own! And I was able to use the very first fresh herbs of the season. The Mitch claimed it was a party in his mouth which is the highest culinary compliment I get!

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Great Easter Celebration! You got a nice place..........