Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok, so my summer hiatus from blogging lasted a lot longer as there aren't any leaves on the trees while I write. To diffuse the rumors of me off chasing butterflies and rainbows, I still worked this summer, I just didn't put in 80 hours every week and I stopped writing my blogs and social twittering and face cracking so I could actually see some of Vermont beyond looking longingly out of my window.

After The Mitch and I's darling vacation in our own dear cabin on Lake Willoughby in the middle of August, I was back at it in a fervor - trying to make up for time off and trying to figure out where it was I am going...

And now I know...

And you have to wait! Wahahahahahaha! Besides the fact that some fellas bought the URLs vermontvibes.com and vtvibes.com while I was dipping my toes in Willoughby's aqua waters - they weren't able to snatch up www.VermontVibesBlog.com. For now it links to my website which is also ready to disappear...

So, for a short time being (I promise!), enjoy the pictures of Lake Willoughby and please don't forget about my travels around Vermont, in my Vibe, reaching towards being a journalist, and spreading positive Vermont Vibes...


RSA Online said...

Wow that looks like fun! all though I imagine the kitty was not too pleased to be so close to the water ;)

Rachel Carter said...

Fee the kitty loves the water and swimming!

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