Friday, February 8, 2008

Vibe Depletion!!!

Help! My Vibes are depleted! The mid-winter blues have set in. I haven't skiied enough and while I thought I could sneak away mid-week for some good skiing, running a PR business is too damn demanding to allow any such luxury. Living in Vermont is too expensive - period, and it greatly disturbs me that Vermonters are taken advantage of so easily because the demand of the Vermont lifestyle is too high and we pay it. That's a big part of why I started my own business in the first place. People in Vermont get paid crap and instead of complaining about it any longer, I needed to take matters into my own hands. It still doesn't change the fact that employers can pay the crap because people will take it because we want to live in Vermont. In some ways it feels our positive Vermont vibrations are used against us! So, people who visit Vermont that complain about the high costs - please understand that the cost of living is not equal up here and you really are paying for Vermonters to stay warm in the winter.

Hey, I'm all about the Vermont Vibes, but even I get the blues and since I'm about as real as they come, I will share this plight with my loyal readers. Please share yours - it's ok to vent! Then we'll all vibe merrily along when the cosmic forces lighten up a bit.

Love and Light to Everyone Always!!!!

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