Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slacking on the Skiing

Actually, I haven't been - I have been slacking in the photo taking department. Or rather, Mitch has been, but since he is a volunteer, I will take full responsibility.

Mitch and I have been making full use of our Sugarbush season's passes. In fact, next time pays for them which pretty much rocks since it's still January and Sugarbush is known for their late season kick-ass spring skiing. They're sneaky like that.

Our latest ski adventure started in Swanton of all places where we wined and dined with friends hosted by the lovely Melissa of Bee Well Massage. We spent the night and awoke to gorgeous views of Lake Champlain and buzzed on down to Sugarbush (after our pre-ski stretches of course). I love Sugarbush for many reasons, one being even on a busy weekend, the lines are never very long. Considering we've spent much of the season over at Lincoln Peak, we opted for Mt. Ellen this time where the ratio of Vermonters to tourists is typically more in our favor. Don't get me wrong - I am a fan of tourists and what they do for our economy, heck, I even work in the Vermont tourism industry! However, sometimes I feel their vibes aren't always up to par.

Regardless, the day was gorgeous and we had a fantastic time skiing. We left a bit early Saturday to help our good friends by distributing copies of The Healthy Hippie Magazine to The Warren Store and Sweet Pea Natural Foods Market - if you live down there go check it out or subscribe by going to www.healthyhippie.net. This is the magazine I write the Vermont Vibes column in - based on this blog!

Afterwards we even went out for dinner and beers at one of my personal favorites, The Hyde Away Inn & Restaurant. I had the delicious meatloaf - YUM!!! Mitch had a burger because that's how he rolls! And the beer - oh, Vermont beer - I love you. I drank Trout River and Mitch rolled with the Magic Hat.

And the next day, we went skiing all over again!!! Well, Mitch snowboards, but again, that is how he rolls. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Thats right....you got it! That is definately how I roll!

Anonymous said...

Great Call -- I love the Hyde Away. I'll meet you there for a beer next time you come to da 'Bush! I'll even buy! Thanks for writing -- I love it all...