Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Break!

Ok, I have to take a break from moving, talking about moving, and trying to get all the great pictures The Mitch is taking on the camera and figuring which computer is where, is hooked up to what, and where the correct wires are to be able to share with my readers! I think moving home and Vermont public relations firm, Rachel Carter PR, is reason enough to break from blogging, but now that I have a readership and have started creating the Vermont Vibes buzz, I simply cannot stop!

First, thanks to all letting me make the transition from Vibing around Vermont to Vibing around the farm and community of Charlotte. (I don't think Charlotters know what they're in for letting me move to the country.) But with the stupidly horrible prices of gas and everything else, even my fuel efficient Vibe cannot afford to Vibe around Vermont right now. While this is bad news for small Vermont towns who benefit from Vibing escapades, this is excellent news for hardware stores and Vermonters looking to sell stuff.

While the farmhouse pictures lately have been gorgeous, the work plentiful, and my fabulous Vermont hippie farmer outfits sensational (last weekend I went to Ace Hardware dressed as a pirate farmer and got skilled in cementing and brick work), these stories must wait for the photos! So, here are some of the latest tips from the Vermont Viber!

1.) Stay home this summer and work on your house - save money from traveling to find ways to make your home more cost effective in the winter, create a garden to grow your own veggies and corn of course so you can fuel your electric razor while causing food prices to soar because the corn is now too expensive for the farmers. Jeesh.

2.) Stalk Craigs List like a tweeny bopper stalks pimply boys at the mall (EW! - whatever, you know you all did it). I have so far found and bought dry wall, a wooden microwave cart, an office chair, a bamboo cabinet and continue to scour for a futon mattress, a dresser, and an entertainment center.

3.) Wear funny costumes to Ace Hardware and ask lots of questions.

4.) Make sweater sleeves into leg warmers like the Healthy Hippie!

5.) Create a music room or area in your house, collect old instruments, and have friends over for local food, drink, and merriment.

6.) Fix up your older wood furniture. Sanding and staining is one of my best secret house skills! Tips to come soon!

7.) Join your local Front Porch Forum, say hi to your neighbors, and get neighborly! Make some sun tea (tea bags in a growler bottle sitting in the sun all day, add some maple sugar, brown sugar, or raw sugar to sweeten) and invite folks to hang out - you'll be surprised at the positive vibes you spread!! (I plan to do this in the coming weeks, once the wasps nests are gone.)

For everyone's spring enjoyment, here are some of my favorites from over the past few years - love and light!


Anonymous said...

Tips for stalking craigs list:
First enter a search in Craigs list for what you are looking for then use the handy RSS feed to see that search in a rss reader or on your customized home page such as MY Yahoo or iGoogle homepage then you get to see that particular search constantly updated whenever someone posts an item meeting your search description. You can then click on the link from your reader to go directly to the craigslist page.

Rachel Carter said...

Oooooo - what a great tip and a GREAT example of how to use RSS!

tay said...

Corn! Grow lots of corn and Tay will come over and eat it!

Edison said...

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