Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Life in the New Hood

The past two weekends Mitch and I have been, MitchaRachia - Housecleaner Extraordinaries. With the help of part time Viber, The Face, we have done the following (I feel in regards to nasty cleaning and repair activities people are allowed to brag without being accused of hubris):
- Moved all nasty old crap that wasn't ours out of the house
- Swept floor, walls, and ceiling of basement (luckily all spiders were still dead from the winter- Organized all tools and supplies and moved in lots of our basement stuff
- Investigated the property and attic spaces and discovered many things to give us permanent heebie jeebies
- Decided The Face needs to move next door

- Cleared away yard crap cluttering our space (I am so anti lawn clutter, it isn't even funny - I think it screams white trash and the wasp in me cannot handle it.)
- Swept all porch floors, walls, and ceilings (note: an entire trash bag could have been filled with the dead wasp, hornet, and yellow jackets nests) and while we only encountered two yellow jackets (probably scouting for places to be gross this summer) the heebie jeebies continued
- Brought cats out to explore new home, saw one mouse, cats ignored- Cleaned all windows which are double sided doors
- Moved rest of basement and porch stuff
- Cleaned entire inside of house from floorboards to behind toilet to inside drawers to under stove. I do not mess around. Mitch was exceptionally good natured about the business and has earned himself a free year of never having to clean the toilet and a lifetime guarantee of never having the position of the toilet seat cover mentioned in his presence.
- Oh, yes, and we used wood filler on all wood counters, sanded them, and stained them with a top coat oil based gloss
- And....we shop vacced flies daily, left a bomb for them, and have en entire shelf dedicated to our arsenal of bug killing supplies and mechanisms.

I was going to then talk about our neighbors and town and whatnot, but I think that will wait for another post. Just re-reading this has exhausted me once again. I also hope my black boogers are gone. Ew.

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Shiva said...

Hey Now, SO cool new place... So when's the House Warming Partay?
I know just what to bring too...