Friday, June 20, 2008

Backyard Exploration

The Charlotte farmhouse is located on 500 acres of farmland. Some of it is fields, but most is underbrush and new growth forest home to bobcats, deer, and moose. Mitch and I decided to spread our Vermont Vibes in our own backyard this past weekend with a small group of friends who we've been chatting about our backyard with for months. And backyard exploring we did! We started off with a hearty breakfast of farm fresh eggs and Vibe-o-Tots and made our way to the barn for backyard exploration energy stretches.

From there we headed into the higher fields of tall grasses and gorgeous views and then down into moose country. It was here we learned and should have retained that the old logging roads of Charlotte do not mean continuous trails - we were already starting to get lost when we knew where we were going!

But, we made it into moose territory and found a relatively flat and shorter grass area where we enjoyed hammocks, wildlife reading, tree viewing, and of course fanning.

It was then that we decided to try to find the Lewis Creek swimming hole with only a compass and no point of beginning or end reference. So silly. We traversed to a neighbor's field being chased by a thunderstorm - we were all literally electrified. After the excitement of the storm and the beauty of the field we lost all points of reference and got lost in my backyard!

We used the compass and sun direction to go back the way we came which in actuality took us on a very round about way, but we eventually found our way back to the very opposite end of the "yard" - all the way on the Hinesburg border. We traipsed through more fields, ridiculously drenched to the core and laughing the whole while, exclaiming it was a good thing we did our stretches.

Love and Light to the newly initiated Vermont Vibers - Jess, Kash, and Rachael - well done!

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