Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Vibe Got Around

Last weekend she sure did. The Mitch and I packed it up in the Pontiac Vibe fresh with her new snow tires and sped off with Vergennes as our first destination. We spent an evening in our now neighbor town of Vergennes where we started out with a casual dinner at 3 Squares Cafe downtown. This place is fantastic. Chef owner Matt Birong has created a casual relaxed atmosphere where you order from a counter, but are provided with a cheerful and colorful waiting environment that certainly encourages a dining in option but without the feeling of weirdness that can come at other establishments when you choose to carry out. But that is just an added bonus, it is the food that makes 3 Squares Cafe a delectable Vermont treat. The Mitch and I both opted for one of the specials - a pulled pork quesadilla which was absolutely delicious. Be sure to check them out next time you're vibing through Vergennes or on the web at 3 Squares serves alcohol so you can bet some vibes we enjoyed a local brew and got some baked goods to go which were perfect for an after dinner snack at our next destination.

And that would be the Vergennes Opera House for an enchanting solo piano performance by Cody Michaels called "Winter Suite." The seasonally magical music lifted my heart and spirit and I believe I have found Vermont Vibing theme music. Please visit and consider checking out this enlightening Vermont musician or buying a CD for your Vermont Vibes adventure - I did! Following the concert, we headed to Antidote - Vergennes classy bar - for fancy drinks and cheer with my good pals Jeff and Carrie - Jeff was the bass player in the band I used to sing with and now rocks out the 80's cover band Hot Neon Magic.

The next day after a leisurely morning enjoying the farmhouse, The Mitch and I poked our way up to Smuggler's Notch for the Brewfest with our groovy Magic Hat friends Jen and Russ and their clan. I love the concept of the Brewfest - good Vermont beers (and Woodchuck Draft Cider), bad 80's music, wicked cheesy people, and lots of fun Magic Hat peeps! We had a blast and after swilling our ticketed amount of brews (heehee), we bounced off to the Morse Mountain Grille & Pub for some terrifically terrible Karaoke (I can say that because even I sang an awful song). But what was fantastically fabulous was that the sneaky blow-up band, The Shwilly Spunions, made a surprise guest appearance and then continued the show at the Magic Hat condo - completely blowin' it up! I must give it up to Smuggs for offering their two weekends a year (another Brewfest is held at the beginning of April) of adult mayhem as they are most certainly Vermont's family resort - and that is a slogan that is certainly true!

Rock On and Peace Out Vibers!

PS - Pontiac - you should definitely feature the Vermont Vibes Blog in your Pontiac Performance Magazine - we've got a whole contingency of folks up here living and loving the Vermont Vibes concept which was purely created from my bouncing around Vermont in my Pontiac Vibe - unsolicited public relations should not be ignored - especially in this marketplace! And as a Vermont PR professional by day, I can even hook up your press visit! Word.

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