Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frigid Temps? Time for Tea

My grandmother gave me the sweetest gift when I saw her at Thanksgiving. It is a book all about the history, traditions, and how to's on tea parties. I have long been a fan of tea and have only every sipped coffee twice - ick. I love tea and of course love tea parties. From tea with my stuffed animals when I was little to acting out the famous tea scene in Anne of Green Gables with friends in college to making tea with chamomile and peppermint I grew and dried from my garden.

But it is since reading this book that I have decided to start having more formal tea parties with my friends. I had my good friend Rachael (same name, we just spell it differently) over the other night for sewing and girl time (The Mitch cooked us dinner!) and decided it would be a great opportunity for tea!

I also have realized that having tea is an excellent Vermont Vibes activity when it's just too damn cold to do anything that involves leaving the house! While I love winter, the below 0 temps suck and are a force working directly against creating positive vibes! So, create vibes indoors by inviting a good friend or a few to tea!!!

I have learned that tea is served between 3:00 and 6:00 pm and the food goes from baked treats and tea sandwiches to more elaborate spreads the later tea is served. Tea served closer to 6:00 is considered high tea and replaces dinner! I have also learned that tea should be served in a tray with cloth napkins and tea cloths, a vase of some flowers, and Rachael and I decided a few rocks or crystals - to Vermont Vibize it of course. This is all in addition to the tea accessories. And did you know you are supposed to put the cream in the cup first, followed by the sugar and then the tea itself? Who knew?

Most important is that tea time is a gentle time where friends give themselves their full attention and talk drifts in and out of themes that remind you why you are friends in the first place. Absolutely lovely. Rachael and I took tea around 4:00 pm and enjoyed the peppermint and chamomile concoction I made from my dried garden herbs and some homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies Rachael made. We kept it light as we were going to enjoy Mitch's fabulous dinner - made with tomato sauce we made from the garden too! And we talked of life and love - perfect tea talk themes!

Don't let the cold take away your vibes - have a tea party! And thanks Grandma for the inspiration!

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