Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Garden in the Rain

The rain has got my vibes down too. At times I feel grumpy and irritable as if it were March! But, instead of lamenting over the state of the weather, I thought it was high time to share a bunch of Charlotte Farmhouse pictures! Of course, many are from earlier in the summer, but always worth sharing! The Mitch and I realized the hard work of last year's gardening season has definitely paid off this year. And after our initial mini-catastrophe with the clay/dirt, we added some great topsoil, fish emulsion, and landscaped some flower beds. It really looks fabulous! We're in for some weeding, cutting back overgrowth, and weed whacking tomorrow and then I'll get some more pictures up.

The veggies are doing well despite the rain. The tomatoes are slow and some are cracking, but our soil is rich, well drained, and in a 100% south facing field, so that has saved them. The peppers are slow, but we've had some. The cucumber, zucchini, and melon plants have been loving this rain and the plants are huge. They are all flowering and fruit is starting to appear. The celery is the champ!!! I hear it is hard to grow and failed at it a few years ago, but it looks spectacular! And the herbs, peas, leeks, onions, garlic, and lettuce have been plentiful. The peas have made for some great stir-fry's. The broccoli bolted due to the weather, but we still got some and I am cutting those back tomorrow - even though I know the bees love the flowers - I've left them up for a while and they'll come back! Oh, and I better thin those carrots!

Here are some Charlotte Farmhouse pics, garden pics, and some of bringing the outdoors in and indoors out...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photos over there the cat is looking good

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Beautiful house!

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