Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Foot Spas with The Mitch

Two Days Ago While Preparing to Vibe off on Mini-Phish Tour (MitchaRachia Tour this time, not the Tour Ladies)...

Rachel: Mitch! Let's do a foot spa and get our feet ready for all the dancing we'll get to do on Phish Tour.

The Mitch: Don't call it that. Last time you got made fun of by all the dumb dudes on Phantasy Tour for calling four shows a tour.

Rachel: Whatever. That's only because they can't count. Mi-atch...FOOT SPA!!!!

The Mitch: Fine. Only if we can use our heady herbs from the garden and if we can listen to Phish while we spa.

Rachel: Ok, here are the 18 products you have to use on your feet and here is the order you have to use them. Oh, and these ones have lavender and rosemary from the garden.

The Mitch: But I want my hands and feet to be mangos!!!!!!

Rachel: Like, stop being so cliche! Gawd.

The Mitch: But I have to jive and strive to stay alive with all the chores you give me!

Rachel: You act like you're CinderMitchie!

The Mitch: Watch it or you and your garden can be like a plow in the field while this lawn boy heads into town.

Rachel: Anyway....after soaking in deep, heady, lavender water, scrub with non-heady Avon sloughing cream and spray some foot spritz. Now lather up with this warming cream and I'll paint my toes for tour.

The Mitch: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point The Mitch zones out to Phish tunes while Rachel prepares her feet for tour and makes lists of things to bring.

Now, two days later, they are printing maps, still finalizing campsites, stressing about finances, packing outfits, trolling Phantasy Tour, and getting stoked. But, most importantly - their feet are ready to rock-n-roll!

Photo courtesy of Andy Duback Photography.


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debi_in_Hawaii said...

Hi Vibers,
I just got my Pontiac Performance issue with your feature (we were featured awhile back after my mom & I got our two 2006 Neptune & Frosty Vibes.) I put you on my favorites blogroll. Your blog is cool!
Neptune's warranty expired recently, as we hit both 36,000 AND 3 years at the same time (!) but I'm not worried because it's been 3 trouble-free years and many more to come :)

Anonymous said...

Great Photo!