Monday, September 10, 2007

Lake Willoughby

Mitch and I are going to write this one together:

R: Mitch what did you think of the weekend?
M: Wow, neat.
R: What, the weekend, or the way I started this blog?
M: Both! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
R: Oooooooo - you stuck in the weeeeeeee!
M: Since no one guessed after the Jamaica post, I win and choose Lake Willoughby for the topic.
R: That is the topic.
M: Good. Lake Willoughby was breathtaking and full of energy and magnetic chaos!
R: It was such a sweet and bonding way to say goodbye to your bestest friends too - we all felt the energy together and it was beautiful.
M: Yes, I am going to miss those two and I can't believe we got JB to do energy exercises under the pine trees during one of our canoing breaks.
R: Oooo - and the sun and energy penetration when we were paddling back to shore.
M: Yeah, before that insane storm!!
R: Good thing we've all been to enough Phish shows to know how to bond together and make a shelter.
M: Weeeeeeeee!!

So, faithful readers of my Vermont Vibes Blog, summer comes to a close. One of the last weekends of the magic known as "Vermont summer" was spent with my sweet partner and his two closest friends in the world - before they depart into the next phase of life. Lake Willoughby is a Vermont paradise not to be missed or exploited by anyone. We camped at the White Caps Campground at the southern tip of Vermont's glacial lake of the aqua water and undeveloped and rugged western shoreline. We sang campfire songs, made s'mores, and told ghost stories all while being transported back to age 11 - weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

We canoed up the uninhabited western shore and stopped for picnics and energy embracement under the trees. We faced Northeast Kingdom unpredictable weather with laughter and beer and made some kick ass camp food. (B - you should post a recipe!)

Then we slowly traversed back to civilization stopping at Cabot Cheese to stock up on Vermont's best comfort food and the Grand View Winery for some wine tasting and blackberry wine!

Stopping for water at the Johnson Cold Spring - me and B!

View to the east.

B and I on our wood mission!

JB taking a twilight swim (and sneaking energy).

John, Mitch, Becky, Mitch's Tent

En route to wine and cheese via NEK!

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