Friday, September 28, 2007

Negative Energy Shield

an energy recipe

I have been so caught up with my travels recently, that I have forgotten this blog isn't just a travel blog, but rather a blog about positive vibrations I feel in Vermont. Many of these happen when traveling. However, Mitch and I went to New Hampshire this weekend to a party with his college friend's high school friends. Lots of fun of course and we spent Sunday driving through the White Mountains, creating energy in waterfalls, and making notes for spending a week's vacation there next summer.

But, I am committed to writing about Vermont, so on this most recent weekend, I will expand no more.

Now, in my experiences I have learned, that as strong as you may be and as positively filled you are of good energy and love and well wishes from others, there are always forces of dark that can zap it all away in a flash, leaving you drained, and at risk of the dreaded, "getting sick." I have created a cure that works for many and should be tried by you, when you need a true boost of self healing. It goes like this:

~ Cancel your evening plans - all of them.
~ Take a long, hot, shower and really focus on the water coting you in a protective shield; a shield that will keep any further negative energy, thoughts, or forces from getting at you. Clear your mind of thinking about what you did do, didn't do, have do do, shouldn't do, or want to do and really just envision the hot water coting you in a shield.
~ Enjoy this shower for all it's worth, use up the hot water, use a loofah, wash your hair twice, don't shave if you don't want to, or just pretend you're in a hot waterfall and don't do any cleaning - whatever you feel like doing and relax...
~ If you can have a towel heating in the dryer, have it already really heated, or have a sweetie or a roomie dry one for you to be ready when you shut off the water and dry off in the luxury of a hot towel, dabbing that shield of protective energy you manifested to your body.
~ Once your shower extravaganza is complete, make yourself a healthy dinner and enjoy every bite.
~ Finish up by watching a movie (my suggestion is something like Fried Green Tomatoes or Forrest Gump). Or, slip into bed and read some of your favorite novel.

When you wake up the next morning, then you can think about what you need to do to get rid of the negative energy inside, although I think you will find, it has dissipated through the night. Comment me and tell me if it worked - I'd like to hear your experiences!

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dude... new email rocks but here i am 8 am Friday and there is no update in the vibes section.

i'm so disappointed.

because i'm apparently up and at work well before you.