Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vermont Dunes

Hmm, that title sounds daunting and haunting. Well, the Vermont Vibin' of a public relations lass does need to take that swing into fall. Personally, I prefer to skip the fall and jump straight into the snow, but perhaps my Vermont Vibes Travel Blog will help me embrace and capture the death of all things green - may they be covered in white until they are green again. So dark, yet, so true. Man, I love Vermont!

Ok, on with it. This past weekend, the crafty photographer and I hopped in the Vibe and this time took along Mitch's mom, Mellonee! Mel is the true essence of positive vibrations. In fact, the night before we vobe (yes, that is the past tense of "vibe"), Mel came with me to a "lady time" dinner with some gal pals of mine. Over cocktails and other yumminess at The Daily Planet, Mel got my friends to participate in some great energy exercises. Later that night, when lady time was over, they were teaching it to their dudes! Mel is a Reiki Master in Massachusetts and has a fantastic reiki, energy, and music studio in Mass - Ways To Wellness - if you're in that area or know folks who are you should certainly check it out!

Back to the Vibe - we drove up to the always gorgeous Champlain Islands to one of my most favorite secret treasures in Vermont - Alburg Dunes State Park. This place chokes at my heart every time I visit, and this was no exception. A huge stretch of beach along the western shore of Lake Champlain is all sand dunes - looking much more like something you would see in Massachusetts than in Vermont. Caused by the massive glacial activity that created the lake from the Champlain Sea eons ago, the Alburg Dunes are also one of the most fantastic wildlife viewing areas I have ever come across in Vermont.

I have never visited without seeing at least three Great Blue Herons up close and this time I remembered to bring my binoculars.

Behind the beach area are miles of wetlands and bogs - one of my most favorite natural phenomenons because they are Nature's way to fight back against all the harm the human race has caused the Earth. Go Bogs!

And, I like them much more in the fall because there are no nasty little bugs trying to get me! Ok, guess I'm warming up to the fall. Please visit the link to this lesser known state park - Alburg Dunes State Park - for a great description of the dunes, wetlands, and the factual information that I am leaving out.

This was a Vermont day trip because we had to continue the positive vibrations for a Mitch Parents Weekend with dinner at the ever-popular American Flatbread, although I highly disapprove of their reservation/waiting list/call-in-but wait nonsense. Drinks and music followed at Nectar's and for once I spent a Sunday doing housework with the roomie instead of trekking around in the Vibe - but look out - you never know where I'm going to pop up next!

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