Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Vibing

I took my own advice from my last post and did indeed make my way to Cafe Provence in Brandon for Easter brunch. What a cool place! I first noticed was how much light there was and how amicably decorated it was to take advantage of all the light. And the brunch was just as I envisioned. No eggs benedict - my favorite - but no complaining because I tried new items to tantalize my tastebuds - shrimp puffs, seafood salad, and delicate ham and salmon bits. I enjoyed old friends as well such as scalloped potatoes and pate!!! Mitch was quite grossed out by my liking pate, but even more distressed by the seafood salad - there were octopus bits in it! For fun, I rested one on the side of my plate to stare at him most of the meal. I think the waitress thought we were strange, but she was super nice anyway!

After brunch we decided to take a walk in downtown Brandon and enjoy some of the third installment of Art in the Snow, a creative way to get folks to enjoy this artsy town when cabin fever strikes. A little too artsy for us hippies, but we enjoyed getting cultured in a small Vermont town. We browsed in 4 Conant Interiors - talk about uberly swanky!!! Great interior art/furniture pieces for you Vermont second home owners. Great ideas for us Gen Xers to recreate while second hand shopping. Then we headed into the Brandon Artists Guild and greatly enjoyed the varied paintings and wall art by Vermont artists. I was psyched to see pal Kimberlee Forney's work being highlighted and got really interested in Mike Mayone's paintings - I think I need some!

While the sun was glorious this Easter Sunday, it was windy and cold, so we parted ways with Brandon and vibed back north on backroads of course through the Green Mountain National Forest. We couldn't see any signs of spring yet, but for some reason our skiing vibes are diminishing and our spring life vibes are clawing to get out from under our itchy skin (well, Mitch's skin is itchier than mine because he doesn't lavish in spa time as much as I). This is due to the big surprise that I said I would unveil, and I lied! No, I didn't lie, I just wanted to get this post in first. But, stay tuned - next one is a biggie!!!!!!

And in the meantime, go do some maple surgarin' while the sap flows - you want to go when it gets below freezing the night before, but up in the 40's when you vibe around. Check out for more info. (Tip: You can still go vibing without a Vibe, it's all about the energy!)

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