Friday, March 21, 2008

Vermont Vibing, Carter Roots

My awesomely fantastic cousin, Rebecca, came to visit last weekend for a 24 hour stint in Vermont Vibing. Arriving at the Burlington International Airport in the early evening hours last Friday, I vibed over to get her and her lack of airport lost luggage - figures. An art professor down in the gas guzzling nation of Texas, my definitely heady-yet-more-indy cuz is in Vermont doing an artist residency at Johnson State College. We snatched up The Mitch at my place and headed where you take out-of-towners for Vermont goodness (but I never eat at otherwise), American Flatbread, followed by a lack-of-live-music Radio Bean (har-humph). But none of this mattered, because this was a night of conversation and yummy beer!

The next morning I made Rebecca Eggs-A-Vibe (see recipe in earlier post please) and we made our way out on a most authentic of Vermont Vibes adventures. Our first stop is top-secret and while Rebecca was the very first to visit, this secret will not be unveiled until the next post! From the top-secret Vibes locale, we cruised through Waterbury and stopped for a brief visit at the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Waterbury Station - a little pit stop I have never been to before and highly recommend for those traversing through the Waterbury area. From there we viberized (ooo, a new one!) into Montpelier for a water bottle and outdoor gear drooling at Onion River Sports.

We then joined our waspism forces of the Carter variety and vibed towards a place so dear to our hearts. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures, but this one of Caspian Lake pretty much sums it up.

We took Route 12 to get there and enjoyed views of Lake Elmore where people are still hanging out on the ice (this scares the crap out of me). We took some time to hang out in Hardwick and poke around the Buffalo Mountain Co-op followed by a yummy localvore meal at The Village Restaurant across from the co-op (couldn't find a good weblink for them, but it was good - and open in the mid-afternoon!).

Then we got to visit my aunt and uncle's cottage in Greensboro for Rebecca to gear up on cross country skis and yoga mats for her late winter jaunt in Vermont. And the marvelous day ended with me getting to pretend to be an art student at Rebecca's orientation meal at Johnson State - even in my hippie/VT flannel get-up, they thought I belonged.

What a truly remarkable day to reconnect with family, bond over many similarities, and chuckle at the simple things in life. Rebecca - I look forward to more positive vibes and here is a picture to maybe use in your artwork!!!

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