Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vermont Cats

I am feeling kooky today. Maybe it is because I leave in one day to see two nights of my favorite band, moe. Perhaps it's because my big, bad birthday is in less than a week. Perhaps it's because my usually hanging out office cats are being upstairs non-hanging out cats which is not good for a crazy cat lady since cats are what makes us sane. I think it's really because I wanted to post a few pictures of my sweet little loves - Fee and Tela - the source of purrsitive vibes all the time (even when they're upstairs).

And since my cats are really not of interest to Vermont Vibes readers, I thought I would force you to look at them followed by some cat related news and links in Vermont.
Ok, thanks. So, besides, UVM sports teams being the Catamounts, UVM is also home to two A Capella singing groups, which are really good! The Cat's Meow is the women's group and the Top Cats is the men's. Check out their sites and catch a performance!

Affectionately Cats is from what I hear to be the best all cat animal hospital. Mine like to flirt with little pooches so we go to a co-breed vet.

Vermont Fancy Felines
are the group who holds the Vermont Cat Show in January every year. Fee has been in that and has three first place ribbons in the household cat category!

Snowcats are uberliciosly heady snow vehicles that all Vermont Vibers should be familiar with and attempt to ride on one day.

And last, but probably of most interest, is the semi-famous My Himalayan Cat Goma Blog. It is imperative that you check this out. The Stuck In Vermont videoblog has a fantastic interview to give you a flavor of Vermont's best feline fun. When I finally hold a cat play group, I am so inviting Goma and Sachie!


Incitaa said...
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Anonymous said...

Found this on another blog I love and thought "hey this is exactly what Vermont Vibes Blog is all about", I think you'll like it...check out Kermits Life Lesson here at a see link I am not affiliated with this blog in any way

Rachel Carter said...

FYI - I only delete spam comments - like click here for your viagra, etc. Just want to make sure folks know you can comments whatever you want - I won't delete, but I will not spam, the blogger I am. hahaha

Edu said...

Hello Rachel...

Just wanted to comment that I have a beautiful kitty named Milly Grace!!! Looks like Fee has a thing for Tela though :)

Rachel Carter said...

No!!! Fee and Tela have a brother/sister relationship! Fee likes other ladies!

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