Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Car Crushes and Love

Do you ever drive along (either while vibing or just driving somewhere) and realize your car has a crush on another car? This often happens to me when I am off to a meeting or destination or while vibing and a car in front of me is going along at the perfect pace. You know - they aren't slowing you down but are also keeping a good pace and distance in front of you? I always feel some sort of affinity for such cars. Not the driver, but the actual car. Just wondering if others feel this ever or ave other forms of car crushes?

I also enjoy giving my car love. Unfortunately living at the Charlotte farmhouse doesn't give me the wonderful access I had to a strong hose, driveway, and shop vac I had when living in Burlington (with eco-friendly car wash of course) so the Vibe has seen better days. It's on the to-do list this week to give the catalyst in Vermont Vibing a detailed bath. But, the Vibe has gotten some other love recently - like at a recent music festival where The Healthy Hippie and I held a White Snake hippie photo shoot and promoted The Healthy Hippie Magazine. Such fun!


Debra said...

Lol such an interesting idea. I think that was the inspiration for the movie "CARS" by pixle. I think there something true about it.


John said...

I did not like the movie cars but i do agree that sometimes cars like to race with each other.


Chris said...

Lol that reminds me of the bikini clad car washers who wants to love the car. do you have the same kinda feeling?


Free Daily Horoscopes said...

yeah cars do race with each other :)

Web CRM said...

well i love cars

Fast Menopause Remedies said...

well i also love my car a lot.