Friday, September 26, 2008

Vermont Vibes Field Trip!

Yes, it's time!!! This will be the first time Vermont Vibers can get together and meet for an actual group Vermont Vibes adventure! Come join Vermont Vibes creator, The Mitch, The Face, and other characters who love Vermont Vibing! Maybe there'll be a few, maybe a whole lot, whatever the case it will be fun!!!

The first ever Vermont Vibes Field Trip will be to one of the first ever Vermont Vibes destinations - the South Hero Apple Fest!!!!!! This is Vermont's biggest apple festival and is so awesome with stuff to do and people to spread positive vibes too that I don't even pick apples anymore! I buy stuff and eat food and chat away with all sorts of folks. I invite all Vermont Vibers and fans to come join us for a day of fun in South Hero. Here are the details:

When: Saturday, October 11
Where: Vibers will meet in the parking lot to Shaw's on Route 7 in Colchester at 11 am (we will be in the first part of the parking lot when you drive in, not up by the store and will have a sign or two to identify ourselves - and of course the Vibe will be there!) Our plan is to leave at 11:30 so people have a chance to get coffee, etc. in Shaw's.
Drivers: Our goal is to pack up the cars and have a few folks volunteer to drive, stopping at a gas station so everyone can pitch in of course
Costs: Bring some cash to share with the driver (or offer to drive) and cash for the event - credit/debit cards aren't exactly appreciated or excepted at all parts of the festival.

Come Vibe with us!!!!!!!


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Field are always fun to visit.

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This remind me of my grandma's house.

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well this looks like a good festival