Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Summer Photo Review

I am never sad to see summer go. I admit it is bitter sweet and of all the Vermont seasons, fall has usually been my least favorite because of the death (see posts from last year). But, this year is different. My love affair with Charlotte and my garden have me greatly anticipating the end of my monstrous garden. I love it dearly, but every ounce of extra time right now is consumed with putting up my veggies. This is also my first winter in Charlotte (new readers - it will be my 8th in Vermont, my 30th in the Northeast at a high elevation - I only spent two away - in Nashville where the lack of winter is just stupid).

Anyway (I love digressing) I also love winter and am so so so so so so so so so excited to see winter in the country again!!!! I grew up in the woods where winter was pure heaven. Then four years in Poughkeepsie, New York for college (ok, minus four years off the high elevation statement, although I was home for winter break), two years in Nashville, and eight years in Burlington, I can't wait to experience winter in the country. Woods and farm country are very different landscapes for my city mice readers. The woods offer fantastic shadows and contrasts of light and darkness which I will always hold closest to my heart. But out here, the vast open spaces and the huge sky are going to be amazing. Mind you I've never bounced around out west - so this is huge for me. I'm an East Coast Mama!!!

But, this post is a recap of my magical, life changing, romantic, beautiful summer in, at, and around the Charlotte Farmhouse. Here are my faves:

Citrus & Herb Salmon - one of Mitch's sneaky chef dishes

The one time I caught one of the numerous rainbows on camera, view directly from my back porch

The Mitch and The Face - neighbors and BFFs!

The making of Stuffed Pork Chops with the sneaky ingredient of garden carrots

Slaving over those pork chops with a Garden Mint Mohito

The pork chops on their way into the oven - Mitch and I both agree - this meal was a $30 plate - it was THAT good

Mitch happily sitting down to my candlelit dinner of Stuffed Pork Chops and Garden Greens with a Garden Herb Homemade Salad Dressing (NOTE TO LADIES - two months later he proposed)

View of the garden as August progressed

Canoe Guitar!!!

Mitch posing for me amongst the Charlotte sunflowers

My attempts at sunflower art

My attempts at cat photography

Some of the garden and farmer's market ingredients I used for one of my entirely localvore meals!

Mitch napping during one of our lazy (no working in the garden) lawn afternoons

For those who miss my traditional Vibe posts - would you be able to leave this paradise either? Let's see what kind of Vibes I can create and spread this fall - LOVE and LIGHT!!!!

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