Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vibing Products

There is a new store doing neat things in the Blue Mall in South Burlington. It's called Candles and Creations. You may have read their recent Burlington Free Press article or seen them on WCAX (or you can check them at those links). Or you may have just heard that there are two artistic, caring, and dynamic women who opened a store this fall selling and making (in the store) their candles and jewelry, giving back to the community and supporting charities, and selling products of other Vermont artisan women.

I love this store for the strength of the women behind it, their commitment to humanity, and the opportunity they are giving other Vermont artisan women. I also love it because it provides quite the collection of Vibing products. Cool jewelry to wear while your visiting Vermont favorites, special candles to light when you are relaxing before or after a Vibe adventure, groovy bags to bring your Vibing supplies with you, notecards to send positive Vibes to others by mail, nifty calendars to mark your Vibing plans on, journals to express your Vibes in when Vibing, and literature, workshops, and overall store ambiance to help you reach your own personal potential through embracing your spirit and the positive vibrations your energy can create. Yeah, I am all about this store!

Heather and Casey, creators extraordinaire, can be found in their Blue Mall store off Dorset Street, on their just-being-developed website -, and on their product websites: Heather's candle company is called Dragonfly Gifts of Vermont - and Casey's jewelry venture is called CW Creations -

Stop by because it feels good in there!

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