Monday, January 21, 2008

Snowshoeing at Little River

I love the opportunity to have a nature excursion in the woods when I can breathe and smell the air, close my eyes and imagine, and think clearly yet so scattered at the same time. This is what rejuvenates my spirit and perspective - in essence, my positive vibes. I had the chance not too long ago at Little River State Park in Waterbury.

Little River State Park has always been one of my favorites. I am inclined to think there is more magic at state parks a bit farther away from Chittenden County, like how people think "real Vermont" is away from Burlington. But, Little River is more real Vermont than any place, its history is deep, and rich, and hits me with a force of energy that awakens and renews me every time I visit. The area was settled long ago, but the conditions too harsh and the children abandoned the village as they grew older and it died. There is an old mill on the simply splendid Little River, many foundations, two cemeteries, and even a house that some angry ancestors wrote words to the state within. The history brochure really takes you into another place and the peace and honesty felt in the forest is awesome.

This visit I went snowshoeing. State Parks are free in the off season to park at the gate and trek in for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing, and hunting during the season. I hear they even allow camping and ask that you leave your license plate number at the main office. I took a two and a half hour trek around the resevior roads and through the camping area of the park. I even found the sites for my next group excursion will be this summer. Here are a few disposable camera views of my perfect day!

I even found Mitch and I's dreamhouse, just before the park, but apparently, it just sold - maybe it will be on the market in a few years...

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