Sunday, January 6, 2008

Positive Vibes in 2008

Many who know me well - from both the past and present - I think would all agree on one characteristic - I can be crazy! I agree, this is true. And, I think most would also agree, not crazy in a bad way, but in a fun and good way.

A few comments I have heard over the past include:
"You help me be brave to do things I would not otherwise do."
"You are one of the realest people I know and I need your advice on..."
"You really helped me look at this in a way I never would have."
"When I want to have a good time doing something, you are one of the first people that comes to mind." and
"You should be on a reality TV show."

These types of comments give examples as to what my life mission is - to help people think and act out of the box to better themselves and the people around them for whatever they may need at the time. This is how I give positive vibes to others and one of the main reasons I enjoy bouncing around Vermont, touching the lives of those I am with and those I meet along the way. And for 2008, I plan to do this even more, because it is my purpose, my destiny, and my strife.

In other words, it is how I roll. Watch out for the Vibe - you may never be the same again...

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I love Zoro!!! Can't wait to see what vibes you bring in the 08! Much love to my favorite bandita from Stitch!